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1- scientific name: matricaria chamomilla

2- product certified: eec 2092/91 – nop – jas – bio suisse – naturland – kosher – fair trade.

3- product benefits: free and combined flavonoids, coumarines and mucilage. it is a good remedy for g.i.t. troubles, gases, spasm, excellent sedative, remove sleeplessness and can be used as substitute for coffee and tea by the students who are studying and suffering from sleeplessness. it is a good sedative anti-spasmodic, anti-anxiety for infants. the tea is a good fever reducing and useful in the flu, good diuretic and stimulant for the vascular and digestive systems. chamomile is a potent anti-microbial and anti-septic for the intestine, commonly used as an enema for dysentery and constipation. it is very soothing for the mucous membrane inflammations, applied as a gargle for tonsilitis, mouth wash for ulcers, eye lotion for diseased eye, emollient cream for skin inflammation to treat ulcers, burns and boils. chamomile is commonly added to many cosmetic preparations as softening agent for skin and hair.

4- product forms: flowers grade a – flowers grade b – pollen – tbc – seeds – cortex,

5- product details: - packing forms:

• cartons of 10 kg for the chamomile flowers

• bags of 10 kg for the chamomile pollen

• bags of 20 kg for the chamomile tbc

• bags of 25 kg for the chamomile seeds.

• bags of 20 kg for the chamomile cortex 5000kg

6- 20" container load:

• 330 cartons of chamomile flowers (3300-kg).

• 300 bags of chamomile pollen (3000-kg).

• 300 bags of chamomile tbc (6000-kg).

• 500 bags of chamomile seeds (12500-kg).

• 250 bags of chamomile cortex (5000-kg).  

7- availability:

• all forms are available all around the year (according to the herbs season and the stocks in our warehouses).

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