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1- scientific name:

pimpennella anisum 

2- product certified:

eec 2092/91 – nop – jas – bio suisse – naturland – kosher .

3- product benefits:

it were used since ancient ages as flavoring agent in manufacture in pies, sweet biscuit, the were also packed in tissue bags and suspended in air to give a good aroma for the air, anise tea is useful as anti-spasmodic, digestive and carminative. also an expectorant, suppressant for bronchitis, respiratory insufficiency, tonsillitis and sore throat.a lactagogue increase the flow of milk in nursing woman emenagogge strengthing ovules in menopause syndrome and aid labor in woman. it is used to decrease prostatic sweating in old age men. it is a safe tea, can be given to infants as spasmolytic for g.i.t. troubles calmative, inducing sleeping and stop crying of babies.    

4- historical background:

anise is native to the eastern mediterranean western asia and north africa. it is widely cultivated for its fruits, which are used both medicinally and as flavoring agent as it is the dried ripe fruits of pimpinella anisum. 

5- key constituents :

it contains volatile oil (1.5 – 5 %) with agreeable odour due to it is high content of anethol (80 – 90 %).  

6- product forms: seeds – tbc  

7- product details:- packing forms:

·        bags of 25 kg for the anise seeds.

·        bags of 25 kg for the anise tbc.

8- 20" container load:

·    500 bags of anise seeds each bags contains 25 kg (12500-kg).

·    600 bags of anise tbc each bags contains 25 kg (15000-kg). 

9- availability:

all forms are available all around the year (according to the herbs season and the stocks in our warehouses).

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