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1- scientific name:

foeniculum vulgare 

2- product certified:eec 2092/91 – nop – jas – bio suisse – naturland – kosher 

3- product benefits:drinking fennel is useful in digestive disorders, as carminative, spasmolytic and expectorant. as anise it is glactaglogue, decreases hypertrophy of prostate in elder men.it is safe can be given to babies to reduce digestive disorders, carminative and sedative.   

4- product forms:

seeds – cracked – as well,  any size according to the client demand and specification. 

5- product details:- packing forms:

·        bags of 25 kg for the fennel seeds.

·        bags of 25 kg for the fennel cracked. 

6- 20" container load:

·        500 bags of fennel seeds (12500-kg).

·        500 bags of fennel cracked (12500-kg). 

7- availability:

·        all forms are available all around the year (according to the herbs season and the stocks in our warehouses)..

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