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1- scientific name:

citrus limon 


2- product certified:

eec 2092/91 –jas. 


3- product benefits:

lemon is one of the most important and versatile natural medicines for home use. a familiar food as well as a remedy, it has a high vitamin c content that helps to improve resistance to infection, making it effective against colds and flu. it is taken as preventive for many conditions, including stomach infections, circulatory problems, and arteriosclerosis.

lemon trees were first grown in europe and are now cultivated in mediterranean and subtropical climates worldwide. the fruit is best harvested in winter when the vitamin c content is at its highest.

lemon contain volatile oil (about 2.5 % of the peel), limonnene (up to 70 %).    α apinene. β -terpinene, citral; and coumarins, bioflavonoids, vitamin a, b1,b2, b3, and c (40-50 mg per 100 g of fruits) and mucilage.

despite its acid content, once digested, lemon has an alkaline effect within the body, making it useful in rheumatic condition where acidity is contributory factor. the volatile oil is anti-septic and anti-bacterial.

the biofalvonoids strengthen the inner lining of blood vessels, especially capillaries, and help to counter act varicose veins and easy bruising.

its antiseptic and cleansing actions make it valuable for those prone to arteriosclerosis and to infections and fevers.

lemon is also useful as a general tonic for many chronic illnesses, above all, it is a food that helps to maintain general good health.

lemon is good for colds, flu and chest infections. it also acts as a tonic for the liver and pancreas, improves the appetite and helps to ease stomach acidity, ulcers, arthritis, gout, and rheumatism. as a gargle, lemon juice relieves vomiting, the sore throat, gingivitis, and canker sores. externally lemon juice can be applied directly to acne, athlete’s foot, chilblains, strings, ringworm, sunburn, and warts.


4- product forms:

whole – peel tbc- peel crush – as well,  any cut according to the client demand and specification. 


5- product details:-

packing forms:

·        bags of 15kg  for the lemon whole.

·        bags of 25 kg  for the lemon tbc.

·        bags of 20 kg  for the lemon peel crush. 


6- 20" container load:

·        500  bags of lemon whole  ( 7500 -kg).

·        500  bags of lemon tbc  ( 12500 -kg)

·        500  bags of lemon peel crush  ( 10000 -kg) 


7- availability:

·        all forms are available all around the year (according to the herbs season and the stocks in our warehouses).



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