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Sesame Seeds
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1- scientific name:

sesamum indicum


2- product certified:

eec 2092/91 – bio suisse – naturland.


3- product benefits:

in ancient egyptchina and india the seeds were eaten and also pressed to yield oil.sesame is principally used as a food and flavoring agent in china, but it is also taken to redress " state of deficiency" especially those affecting the liver and kidneys .the seeds are prescribe for problems such as dizziness, tinnitus ( ringing in the ears), and blurred vision ( when due to anemia).because of their lubricating effect within the digestive tract, the seeds are also considered a remedy  for "dry" constipation. the seeds have a marked ability to simulate breast- milk production.


4- product forms:



5- packing form:

·        bags of 25 kg for the sesame seeds.


6- 20" container load:

·        500 bags of sesame seeds, each bag contains 25 kg (12500-kg).


7- availability:

·        all forms are available all around the year (according to the herbs season and the stocks in our warehouses)..



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